R/C Products

This part of the store is solely for R/C Products, models and accessories. We also carry certain spares too. If you are looking for any model, Radio controlled related, then please make sure you come and have a look through what we have to offer. All products are designed to be robust, responsive and detailed. We want to:

  • Offer High Quality R/C Models At Affordable Prices
  • Offer A Range Of Products That Give Real Choice To Our Customers
  • Give An Alternative To Big Business Sales Platforms Like Amazon & Ebay

All members will enjoy a 10% discount….so sign up if you haven’t already. IT’S FREE!

Are Your R/C Products Durable?

We design all our models to be able to withstand the to’s and fro’s of everyday R/C hobby life. As long as nothing too dramatic happens they should last as long as you want them to. Some maintenance is always a good idea….as is a battery change should charge start to lessen….but overall all our products are built to last!

Do I need To Be An Expert To Use Your radio Controlled Models?

No, of course not. Most of our products are shipped ready to Rock ‘n Roll. a little practice and perhaps a video or two to make sure you get the basics is all you will need to get started. That is one of the BIG PLUSES of “R/C Hobbying”. It really is open to everyone.

We welcome you on board as a customer and hope you will keep coming back for all your R/C Model needs. We are always happy to help via email or our live chat. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need us.

You may need a little help with maintenance or more complex tricks and racing strategies. These can be picked up though…through R/C  communities like this, as well as out in the field. Most guys are happy to help?