R/C Batteries

We have a wide variety of R/C batteries. We are always checking prices against our competitors to make sure we are offering the BEST value for money. Use your membership discount to get 10% off of the listed prices! We are growing into one of the largest LIPO battery suppliers for the R/C Hobby market!

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Can I Buy Multiple R/C LIPO Batteries?

Yes you can, make sure you add the number of batteries you are ordering to the box indicating order amount before paying. Contact us directly if you are looking at large bulk orders for groups or events. We will come to some sort of arrangement with you for a wholesale price.

Will These LIPO Batteries Be Of A Decent Quality?

Absolutely. We search the globe to find the best manufacturing establishments to make us the finest, longest lasting batteries, at prices those in the R/C Hobby world can afford.

We know you want batteries to least effectively and that there are plenty of makes out there that let down users in the most inopportune moments. You can rely on our batteries to be reliable and good to go for a long time.

Battery Technology:

R/C Battery Technology is improving all the time. Batteries are lasting longer and becoming more resilient to poor charging practice or bad storage. We make sure we are up to date with the best battery tech in the market place and that that tech advantage is passed on to all our customers here at Sky High Hobby.

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