R/C Chargers

Reliable R/C battery Chargers. We stock some of the best value and well made battery chargers on the market. By signing up as a member you can claim your 10% discount to make them even greater value. We know R/C hobbyists want equipment they can trust and know will last…..we know our range of battery chargers will step up to that mantle.

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Do You Supply Fast Battery Chargers ?

Yes we do! many of our range of chargers are designed to charge the batteries faster than other options on the market, allowing you to charge  less and drive, fly and boat more!! We are constantly updating the technology in our range so that you get the fastest and most efficient charge times.

I Need At Least 100 watts Of Charging Power.

No problem. We supply chargers that can easily produce 100 watts of charging power for you, helping you gain a quicker charge THAT WON’T DAMAGE YOUR BATTERY. We even go up to 200 Watts of charging power on our duel charge TraxxasEZ Peak Live model!

As well as supporting our hobby community by buying from us, you can also be sure to be buying chargers you can trust quality wise. 

We are always price checking with competitors to make sure we can compete with them and give our clients chargers at prices they can afford. We want you to choose us over the giants like Amazon and Ebay….to do that we only sell R/C charging products that can compete effectively on manufacture and price to customer. This gives our members and customers a legit option when they come to choosing the Remote Control Charging System that is right for them.

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