R/C Boats

We supply a wide variety of R/C Boats here. Doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy to race or simply boat for fun. You will find something that suits your requirements in this section of our site. We do our best to make sure our Radio Controlled Boat range covers all levels of expertise.

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Are Your R/C Boats Long Lasting?

Our goal is to make sure we only source the best made and most durableĀ  Radio Controlled Boats to sell here. We value our customers and community members too much to offer sub standard models. We prioritize:

  • Value For Money
  • Quality
  • Easy Feedback & After Sales Help
  • Wide Range To Choose From

Do Your R/C Boats Come With Controllers?

Many do, so you will not have to worry about finding compatible R//C controllers for your boat. You will find out in the listing what comes with each R/C Model. If you want a particular boat, but find it HASN’T got a controller with it, you can always buy a controller separately…so don’t worry.

What If I Need Advice?

Most customers research their preferred Radio Controlled model prior to shopping. If yo find you are unsure as to what boat is best for you we are happy for you to drop us a line by email, or through our onsite chat box. We will help you as much as we can. Alternatively you can use the advice from the community itself and see what they recommend or advise you do. We are unbiased. Much as we want you to support our community and buy from us, we want you to make the correct purchase for you. One way or another you will find the right answers coming through here to buy your model.

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