R/C Drones

High quality R/C Drones at prices you can afford, from a community you can trust. All our drone products have been designed to be both long lasting and affordable. We also make sure the drones we sell are highly receptive to the flyers command, making them perfect for experienced drone hobbyists. All members can enjoy their 10% discount on all drone/quadcopter products.

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Do You sell Drones with Cameras?

You will find a wide range of camera drones/quadcopters. The demand is high from people looking to film landscapes or their drones journey as they fly it. Due to this demand we have a wide range of well priced, high quality drones/quadcopters, fitted with decent cameras to give great visuals to the hobbyists.

What About Mini Drones, Do You Sell Them?

We do, absolutely. they are great fun. awesome for tricks like flips and great for racing. The Mini Camera Drones we sell are also useful for those wanting attractive landscape picture or video, or to maybe monitor something that needs height.

They are easy to fly and suit beginners new to droning or advanced users wanting some mindless fun.

Are Quadcopters Drones?

Yes they are. Due to them having four blades that work the same way a helicopters blades do, they are also known as Quadcopters. Using either definition is fine and will be recognized by the regular/experienced flyers of these aircraft.

Do You Supply Controllers For Drones?

We have a range of controllers should you wish to purchase them separately from your R/C drone. Many of our products come complete with a radio control device so you will find it often not necessary, unless you are looking to upgrade or carry a spare.

Can We Buy Drones For Racing Here?

Absolutely. Many of our drones can be raced, with users learning tricks and strategies to win races very easily due to their responsiveness and easy controls. The fact most will have a camera can also allow you to film your races and upload the videos here for a large audience to watch…….we would happily display the good ones for our own You Tube channel.

All our Drone/Quadcopter products are designed to offer you the most reliable flying time with prices that suit your pocket. We know it can be expensive to keep your hobby “up in the air”, so try hard to bring the community items that can satisfy their demands whatever level of expertise they may have. We really appreciate all our members who support this community by buying our models.

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