R/C Helicopters

Sky High Hobby’s range of R/C Helicopters are durable, responsive, well made and affordable. Whether you are a beginner new to flying R/C Choppers, or experienced, we will have a model that will suit your needs. The models on offer are designed for many hours of R/C fun. The models can also be mastered quickly by those who may not have flown one before. They are great for tricks and racing. You can sign up today and enjoy a 10% Discount through here.

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What Is The Difference Between R/C Drones & R/C Choppers?

Drones, or Quadcopters as they are known, fly with blades at each corner of a squared shape, making them very maneuverable. R/C Helicopters fly like a normal chopper, with one blade above the model. They are still maneuverable, and can riseĀ  as quickly as any drone, though they can take a bit more practice to get the hang of flying. Many hobbyists will fly both drones and helicopters. Both be enormous fun to fly, do tricks with and race.

Are The Helicopter Models Ready To Fly?

Our R/C Helicopter models are not self builds. they come ready to fly, though may need a charge or batteries needing to be added. We found that customers preferred to fly straight out of the box. With that in mind we have supplied a range of radio controlled choppers that do this.

Flying R/C Helicopters is fun to learn and master. There are many tricks you can do as well as accessories you can add to enhance your model. Everything we sell is hobbyist friendly and chosen to allow the widest number of members and customers to gain R/C pleasure at affordable prices.

Our RTF RC helicopters are made from high quality components

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