R/C Motors

We have a really good selection of high end, reliable and long lasting R/C Motors here at Sky High Hobby. Our prices are incredibly competitive, especially with our 10% discount for all our members. Sign up here FREE to become a member.

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We have one of the widest selections of high quality R/c Plane motors on the market. We have both Brushed R/C Motors and Brushless R/C Motors in stock.

The motors we carry are all designed to be durable, hard wearing and to last. They are priced competitively so that our members get the best quality R/C Plane motors, at prices that do not break the bank.

Each item will explain it’s model number and any specifics. Simply see if it matches the motor you are running in your model.

We don’t offer a repair service for old burned out motors, nor do we want to part exchange any of them thank you. You can recycle the old motors the same as you would any other metal.

If you are thinking of repairing an old and broken motor you may find it more cost effective to simply replace it. Not trying the pushy sell….but we have spent many hours trying to fix motors…sometimes the time could be better spent flying the plane instead.

We carry motors for the Radio Controlled Airplanes that we stock.

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