1800mah 11.1 Volt 3 Cell Lipoly Battery Twin Pack

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1800mah 11.1 Volt 3 Cell Lipoly Battery Twin pack.

You get 2 batteries In This sale

Primarily a battery for a JumpJet, Wing Tiger, Edge 540T V2.

each battery comes with a balance plug for charging them.

Why Buy 2 batteries?

You can carry a charged spare with when out flying. Perhaps sell one to someone else with the same or appropriate models where the batteries will fit. You can always charge both up and have double the action time.

Can I Use Them In Other Models?

We have recommended above the models these batteries will best suit. If you want to use them for other models we advise you check that they are suitable power, size and attachable wise. The search engines are your friend here, or the model instructions you have that will specify required battery specs.