2500mah 11.1 Volt 3 Cell Lipo Battery Punchpacks

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2500mah 11.1 Volt 3 Cell Lipoly Battery Punchpacks. Extremely competitively priced in our 2 Battery Bulk Buy Saver.


You will notice a lot more “punch” with these batteries. The power of your vehicle should also increase a lot more than you would see with many other batteries on the market. each battery uses Tri (3) Cell technology

What R/C Models can I Use the Batteries For?

Here are some of the models we recommend these batteries for. Cessna 182 500 Super Class, Red Devil, AT-6 Texan. Simply check out the specs of what your model needs power wise and see if it is the same as the batteries offer.

Each of the two Lipo BatteriesĀ  also comes with a Deans Ultra Plug or star plug.

Why Buy 2 At once?

You can carry a spare, use your second battery in another vehicle. Perhaps charge up both and double your R/C time. How about selling or lending one to a friend you race/drive/fly with. The postage costs often mean buying more than one isn’t that much more expensive and so you save money in the long term buying more products at once.


25 C Rating
Maximum Burst Rate: 50 or 125 Amps
Charge Rate: 2.5 Amps
Dimensions: 135 x 43 x 15
Weight: 5.8 Ounces
Configuration: 3s 1p

This Battery is the Replacement for the older 2400 mah 11.1 volt 3F027 one. It is an upgrade and more efficient than its predecessor.