Duratrax Shark 1500Mah 6 Cell, 7.2 Volt NiCd Battery

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Duratrax Shark 1500Mah 6 Cell, 7.2 Volt NiCd Battery

Our  SHARK 1500mah 6 cell flat batteries are Nickel Cadmium. Batteries come with a Tamiya type connector, though they are not charged before dispatch.

They are pre assembled with a 6 cell pack, Tamiya connector and black plastic end caps 16 gauge flexible silicone wire.

Check your model spec before buying to make sure you are getting the right battery for your model. The search engines are your friends here if you don’t know.

Are These Nickel Cadmium Batteries Reliable?

Yes they are. You are getting a battery with 6 cells that is designed for longevity and reliability. Great value for the price too. These batteries have a brilliant reputation amongst the RC world.

Battery Specifics:

6 Cells

7.2 Volts

1500 Mah

Nickel Cadmium

Tamiya plug attached




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