Punchpacks LiPo Battery 11.1V 8400mAh 35C EP

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This battery is a great LiPo battery, suitable for RC cars, Boats, Planes, Helicopters, Drones.

Battery Stats:

Maximum Burst Rate: 70C or 588 Amps

Battery Configuration: 3S 1 P

Continuous Rate Of Discharge: 35C or 294 Amps

Battery Charging Rate: 8.4 Amps

Wattage Hours: 93.24 hours

Size/Dimensions: 135x43x50

Battery Weight: 21.3 Ounces or 600 Grams

Does It Come With Connectors?

The battery comes with 3 connectors. They are for the following models:

  • Deans Ultra
  • Traxxus
  • EC3 the Horizon Hobby branded models
What is the voltage?

8400 11.1 volt 35C . Powerful, long lasting and great value for money.

What Will This Battery fit Model Wise?

This battery will power a wide range of R/C models…including The Stampede & bandit, The X01 (you will need an adapter for this), X maxx, Kraton, Talion, Traxus Rustler (Use Velcro to attach)The Senton Nero…….and many  many more models.


Should I Pay Extra For This Battery?

In a time where there are a flood of cheap Chinese imports on the market, the question is ….should I pay more for a battery like the PP 8400MAH here, or buy cheaper? The answer is that, as with anything, you buy cheap….you often buy two or three times plus. These batteries are industrial grade, built to last and are one of the most trusted battery brands in the Radio Controlled Hobby world.

Our prices are incredibly competitive and you would not save much from buying a cheaper, less well made battery. The answer is pay a little extra for A LOT MORE RELIABILITY & QUALITY.

Make sure when you buy a battery that you are getting the correct output and size that will power your model. You can always Google the correct specs for your model to make sure you are buying the correct one.

Always dispose of failed batteries in an environmentally friendly manner. you will often find recycling boxes for batteries around groups you go to to to drive/fly your models. Please dispose of them correctly.



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