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Prophet Sport Duo 50W x 2 AC Battery Charger US

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Prophet Sport Duo 50W x 2 AC Battery Charger US

Backed by a 5 year Dynamite warranty, this is the charger for the real enthusiast! Able to charge either 1-6S LiPo batteries or 4-8C NiMh batteries you can really see the difference with other chargers in the time saved…..meaning more time behind the Radio Controller!

Battery Charger For RC Batteries

Charge 2 batteries a time whether you need 1 or 2 for your model. It is so  quick that it makes sense to carry a spare fully charged should you only need 1 in your model. If your model needs 2 batteries then you get a full charge in far less time than other charging units on the market.

What Is Needed To Complete It?

Nothing! It comes ready to work, straight from the box

What Comes With The Prophet Sport Duo RC Charging Unit?
  • User Manual/Instructions For Use
  • Insulated Banana to EC3 Battery Adapters
  • JST-XH Balance Adapters
What Are The Key Features Of The Prophet Sport Duo:
  • A 5 Year Limited Warranty From Dynamite
  • You Get Two Charging Ports To Charge 2 Batteries At Once. Each Battery Being Charged can Be Different¬† Chemistry, Capacities & Cell Counts
  • 2 Four Digit LED Indicators That Display The Current Charge Status, Cell Voltages & Also Any Error Codes Picked Up
  • 50 Watt Charge Power For 4-8 NiMh or 1-6S LiPo Batteries
  • Insulated & Colour Coded Banana Jack Power Output Terminals (Red = Positive + Black = Negative -)
  • Internal Cooling fan & A safety Grill, Ensuring Unit Touch Safety
  • Advanced Short Circuit , Over Current, Reverse Polarity, Low Voltage & Over Temperature Protection System

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