Hitec RDX 1 RC Battery Charger

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Hitec RDX-1 Charger 1-6 Cells Lipo/Nimh

Maximum charge output capacity of 100 Watts!

The Charger/Discharger are controlled by a micro processor for advanced charging management. This battery management system is suitable for most of the popular battery types in the RC marketplace currently.

The Hitec RDX 1 PRO is a well manufactured piece of RC tech! High performance and a maximum charge of 100 Watts!!

Each unit comes with advanced Charge Master Software whose features allow easy control from your own PC!

The front ports offer easy access and it’s slimline space friendly design help make this one of the most popular charging stations amongst RC enthusiasts.

What Are The Main Features of the RDX 1 Pro?
  • Space Friendly, Slim Design
  • Tower Based Build
  • Lightweight, Yet Rugged/Sturdy
  • Professional Grade RC Battery Charging Unit
  • Optimized Operating Software, Allowing Management From Your Own PC Through Hitec’s Charge Master Software
  • Data Is Saved Automatically
  • Charges All Of The Known Batteries & Chemistries
  • A Lithium Battery Balancer Built In
  • An easy To Read/Monitor 3.2 Inch Screen
What are The Charging Unit Specifications for The Hitec RDX 1 Pro?
  • 11 – 18 Volts DC INPUT
  • 100-240 Volts AC INPUT
  • 100 Watts Of maximum Charging Power
  • 0.1 – 10.0 Amps Charge Current range
  • Max Discharge Power Is 10 Watts
  • Discharge Current range Is 0.1 – 2.0 Amps
  • Current Drain For Balancing Port  300 mA Per Cell
  • NiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1 – 15 Cells
  • LiPo/LiHV/liFe?Lilon Cell Count: 1 – 6 Cells
  • Pb Battery Voltage:2 – 20 Volts
  • Dimensions Of The Unit: 6.26 x 2.85 x 4.84 inches or 159 x 72.5 x 123 mm
  • Weight Of Unit: 16.6 oz or 470g