LiPoly 7.4v & 11.1v Balancing/Peak Charger

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LiPoly 7.4v & 11.1v Balancing/Peak Charger With A/C adapter

An affordable high quality LiPo Battery Charger. PURELY FOR LiPoly CHARGING ONLY

What Type Of Batteries Can I charge?

You can charge either 7.4 Volt or 11.1 Volt LiPoly batteries with this device. You must only try to charge LiPoly batteries for it to work.

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What is the Charge Time?

You are looking at a fast charge time for batteries, between 60-90 minutes, so under an hour and a half for a FULL CHARGE!

Balanced chargers, like this one, offer your battery a better life and ensure a much more efficient overall charge. This means you will get maximum performance for your battery and a far more responsive and stable drive/flight.

Another good thing about this device is it keeps all of the battery cells charging at the same level…again enhancing the batteries  run times and increasing its peak power.

You also get an A/C adapter



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