Prophet 50 Watt Mini Charger

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Prophet 50 Watt Mini Charger Lipo/Nimh 2-4 cells

An affordable charging option that is rugged, long lasting and comes with a 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY! How’s that for peace of mind?

What Models Can I Charge The Batteries For?

This RC Charger is suitable for any type of models….RC Cars, Planes, Drones/Quads, Boats etc.

So What Can It Do?

You have the ability to charge 2S, 3S 7 4S LiPo Batteries, or 6-8 Cell NiMH Batteries, (at selectable currents). Quite a range!

One impressive feature is its casing, designed to force out and disperse heat to avoid it over heating and burning to touch. A great idea and one our user love.

It has a built in 50W charge circuit you can really cut your charge times IN HALF using an RTF or RTR overnight or wall charger.

LED indicators on the Prophet 50 Watt Mini Charger will keep you updated as to the progress of your charging. You can easily select charge current and a 1 button start or stop make it really easy to function/operate…..whether you are new to this or an experienced RC player.

Key Features:
  • AC powered, coming with a detachable power cord
  • 5 year limited policy for peace of mind
  • Able to charge NiMH 6-8 cell batteries or Lipo 2S-4S batteries and 2S-4S LiHv batteries
  • Case that disperses heat so it remains safe to touch even at full charge
  • Short circuit, over current, over temperature and reverse polarity protection built in
  • Comes with integrated LiPo and LiFe balance ports
  • Charge indicated through use friendly LED display lights


What comes in the box?
  • A user manual, (very important)
  • An AC power cord
  • Banana plu to EC3 battery connector
  • Of course…the Prophet 50 Watt Mini Charger itself