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Eclipse RC Sailboat

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Eclipse 1M RTR Sailboat


What can you say about the Eclipse? It is a very well made RC Sailboat. Whether you are looking to chill out and enjoy the breeze, or race other sailboats like you are in the America’s Cup….this boat will come second to no none!!

It’s size is awe inspiring….at over 2 meters from bottom of the ballast to the tip of the mast, it will certainly impress other boaters and RC enthusiasts.

What does it come with?

Everything you will need comes in this package.

  • 2.4Ghz Radio System which is incredibly responsive and accurate
  • Rip Stop Nylon sails, Durable and great for catching the wind
  • All Rigging & Mast Parts
  • Li-ion Receiver battery
  • USB Battery charger
  • AA batteries For The Radio Transmitter/System
  • Lightweight Boat Stand For Display & Maintenance
Is It Strong?

The hull is made from precision blow molded high strength ABS plastic. The sails are made from Rip Stop Nylon, (they come ready printed with eye catching graphics). This boat will last and last. It is pleasing on the eye and able to take a bang or scrape with the majesty it emanates.


This Sailboat is a dream to drive, it really is. Catch a decent breeze and you will move faster than many motor or battery vessels. It’s impressive height and high quality manufacture make it incredible value for money for the RC boat enthusiast.

Check out the Specifics:


  • Hull Length: 39″ or 1 meter
  • Beam (Width): 8.66″ or 220mm
  • Height from bottom of hull: 70.5″ or 1790mm
  • Height from bottom of ballast: 83.875″ or 2130mm
  • Weight: 6.93 lbs or 3.15kg
  • Ballast Material: Iron
  • Ballast Weight: 3.75 lbs or 1.7kg

Sail Area:

  • Jib – 387.5 sq in (2500 sq cm)
  • Main – 550.25 sq in (3550 sq cm)
  • Total – 937.75 sq in (6050 sq cm)


Check out this excellent promo vid for it: