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Black Marlin RTR Boat

Incredibly fast race boat, powered by a 390 size motor. You will turn heads at your local pond when you start to drive this beauty. Not only is it amazing fast but it also has a self righting mechanism to alleviate the horrible inconvenience of capsizing.

Does It Come Ready To Float?

Yes, you may need to charge the battery for the boat as we do not charge these prior to shipping. It even comes complete with the 4 AA batteries needed for the controller. The boat comes fully built and ready to Rock n Roll!

Is the Black Marlin Durable?

We get this question asked a lot. The answer is HELL YEAH! It has an ABS uni-body Hull that is built to withstand prangs and bangs from other objects in the pool or pond, or even hitting the side. A sleek aggressive trim scheme shows other boat drivers that yours is not to be messed with.

The rest:

You get a pistol grip radio system that guarantees ease of use. You also get a reliable and waterproof servo, reliable electronic speed control, a powerful rechargeable battery pack and USB charger for easy quick charging…even from your laptop!

It really offers the best value for a fast, durable and powerful RC Boat within this price range. It also comes with an attractive mount for storage.

Main Features:

  • Everyting included in one box, even the 4 batteries for the controller
  • 24″ ABS Uni-Body hull with an attractive display stand
  • Convenient USB charger for quick charging
  • Powerful 7.4 Volt 1500 Mah Li-Ion Battery System


Check out a video of the Black Marlin RTR



Hull Length: 600mm or 23 1/2", Overall Length: 670mm or 263/8"


100mm or 4"


735g or 261/4 oz