Self Righting RC Boat
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Self Righting RC Boat

R/C Black Marlin Speed Boat

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Black Marlin MX RTR

Micro sized RC Speed Boat. Able to race across a pool or your local pond and impress those watching with how quickly it goes. Comes with a USB Charger.

Can It Self Right If It Capsizes?

This boat has a self righting mechanism allowing the boat to right itself should it capsize in choppy waters or through cornering too fast. This means you can continue racing or driving without interuption, even if you corner like a mad person!

What About The Power?

The Black Marlin is powered by a water cooled 180 motor. It also benefits from a 360 Mah Lithium – Ion Battery!. This means you have ample power to race or do tricks…..very impressive.

Do I need To Out The Marlin Together?

No…it comes ready to run from the box. We do advise you charge the battery first as we do not charge batteries prior to shipping. You will also need 4 AA batteries for the Radio Controller.

Is It Durable?

Yes it is!!!. The hull is a durable ABS plastic, allowing for knocks and bangs round pools and lakes to not damage or limit its performance. It even has a sleek aggressive pre painted trim that makes it look like a proper speed machine. All our boats are built to last!

You will get a 2 channel 2.4 GHZ proportional radio system with the boat. This features precision steering through its 9 gram waterproofed steering servo. It also features a linear throttle feel supplied by an electronic speed control. This boat will go forwards and reverse.

This boat really rocks and is very popular amongst those looking to race fast with friends, yet not break the bank.

Key Features:

  • Very fast, sleek and great to race
  • Durable hull made from ABS plastic
  • Self righting feature to minimize capsize disruption
  • Very powerful 180 water cooled motor
  • 9 gram waterproof proportional steering servo
  • RTF includes a 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Pre installed 2 in 1 electronics on board, with ESC & 2.4 GHz receiver
  • Servo is 9g waterproof proportional

Check out the video of the Black Marlin below :






10" or 254mm, Overall: 115/8'' or 300mm


3'' or 80mm


25/8'' or 6.7cm


6.6oz or 187g


7.4V 360Mah Li-Ion

Motor Type

180A Brushed & water cooled