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Aqua Dart – RC Speed Boat

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Choice Of Black & White or Green & White Boats

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Aqua Dart RTR R/C Boat

Choose between Black & White or Green & White

Great for beginners, and great fun for the more advanced driver of R/C Speed Boats. It is a very affordable boat that handles well above its cost.

The boat is capable of very fast, quick turns due to the nature of its design. This makes it great fun in pools, ponds and lakes etc. Even if an aggressive turn causes the boat to roll you don’t have to worry as the boat will right itself within seconds. Unlike many other boats that can capsize if corners are taken too quickly.

How Durable Is It?

The Aqua dart has a durable ABS plastic Unibody design to protect against bumps and scrapes on pool walls or any floating obstacles, (other boats eek), ensuring you will enjoy fast and aggressive boating with barely a scratch to your boat.

All electronics on the boat are waterproof so you need not worry about water getting into the hull and damaging them. You don’t always find that with all electronic boats on the market.

How Do I Assemble My Boat?

Your boat will come ready to run, assembled, with only a need for batteries in the controller, (4 AA batteries). You would be wise to charge the boats battery pack as we do  not charge them prior to shipping. there is no need for you to have to put the boat together though…we do that for you. You also get a display stand with the boat so you can store it safely and show it off to your friends proudly.

Where Can I Go & Drive My Aqua Dart Boat?

Any pool or pond is fine, but make sure it is safe to do so….ie, there aren’t swimmers wanting to use it or animals and other objects in the pond that may not take kindly to a boat whizzing around them.

We know you will have hours of fun racing this boat with friends, or simply enjoying the speed and aggressive movement this RC Boat provides for its users. These boats have a great reputation for fun and speed. They are durable and built to go the distance. Oh…..they look pretty damn sharp too.


  • Ready To use From the Box, (May require charging). 4 AA batteries required for the Radio
  • Self Righting Hull to stop capsizing
  • 2.4GHz Pistol grip radio
  • 7.4 Volt 350 Mah Li-ion Battery With USB Charger, great for quick easy charging.
Take a look at This Video Of The Aqua Dart in action.

Hull Material

ABS Plastic


260mm or 10.2''


100mm or 3.4''


221g or 7.9 oz

Motor Type

180A Watercooled


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