Affordable HD Mini Camera Drone
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Affordable HD Mini Camera Drone

Kodo HD Drone With A 1080p HD Camera

I haven’t seen a better HD Mini Camera Drone on the market than the KODO HD! It does everything you could possibly want:

  • Stunts, auto flip button
  • 1080 video recorded
  • HD pics(Jpegs)
  • Super fast

For under $60!!!! (With Your Members FREE 10% discount). 

450 Class with Brushed power

The new KODO HD is about 12g lighter than its predecessor. With the help of its incredibly streamline body, this helps to allow the drone to fly for around 20% longer than others in its price class!!!! You can get almost 6 minutes of constant flight! More fun with less charges! The lightweight helps lend the KODO HD Drone to stunts like flips and fast turns, making this one of the most maneuverable RC  HD Camera Drones on the market full stop.

Can Anyone Fly This KODO HD DRONE?

You bet they can. You get three levels of operation as options. the options being,  Easy level, Medium Levelhard Level. a 3 axis gyro with 3 accelerometers ensure a smooth flight however experienced you may be at drone flying.

What Comes With Th KODO HD Mini Drone Package?

The drone comes factory set and ready to fly….though we recommend a battery charge first. You get:

  • Fully assembled KODO HD Drone
  • Full HD Video 1080p & Still camera
  • 4GB memory card and also a card reader
  • Q106 4 channel 2.4GHz RC control system
  • LiPo battery for the drone
  • USB charger for the drone LiPo battery
  • AAA batteries for the RC Control system
  • Pre installed blade guards
  • Spare blades

Check out the video quality of the drone when it is airborn:

Features & Spec Rundown For The KODO HD Mini Drone:
  • USB charger can charge from any USB port and offers lightening quick charges
  • Included LiPo battery is 3.7V 350mAH with about 6 minutes of flight time
  • Batteries are included for the RC Control Unit. This is really ready to go when you get it
  • 2 mode control preference modes
  • Auto flip button
  • Digital trims provide advanced performance tuning
  • 2.4GHz radio wavelength to protect against interference
  • Separate video and camera buttons
  • All motors and ESC’s are factory fitted
  • Power safe mode, you cannot turn on drone power without the RC controller being on
  • Pre installed blade guards
  • Powerful LED lights allow you to have peak visibility even in the dark
  • Rugged, toughened crash resistant, aerodynamic air frame
  • Powerful 1080p HD camera for video or stills

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