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RC Camera Drone/Quadcopter
RC Camera Drone/Quadcopter
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RC Quadcopter Fits GoPro

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Aton Plus Quadcopter With 5000mAh LiPo Battry & 2 Axis Gimbal For GOPRO

Pro Standard RC Quadcopter that fits a GOPRO camera. Made to allow for the best quality stills and video images. Super steady and very very easy to pilot. A truly remarkable piece of machinery and one of the best selling drones in the world. Precision engineering, raw power and unrivaled stability make this the go to Quadcopter for those looking for pro standard landscape images or high resolution videos taken from height.

Comes with auto home finding software. Click a button and it returns home….HOW EASY IS THAT? It will find its way home if the battery is low or range is breached too.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a stunt flyer, racer, pro photographer or merely fun flying. The Aton plus is a step ahead of any other Drone/Quadcopter within its price field.

Quadcopter LED Lights

What are the settings?

3 easy to activate settings cater for any skill level. This means anyone can get a fully satisfied experience with this amazing piece of Quadcopter kit.

  • FILM MODE: Allowing the user to film/photograph with their GOPRO or Hero 3&4 Series cameras. (Cameras not included). Tuned Props, a really effective air braking system and noise reduction tech mean you will get stable high def images , or quality stable video EVERY TIME. Great for big family parties or weddings etc, also to film hard to access areas.
  • SPORT MODE: Learn how to race and do tricks like the pro’s. Have people watch in awe as you flip and corner at speed. All really easy t pick up with the Aton Plus. What’s more a button takes care of the flips and rolls for you if you are new to this. It really couldn’t be easier. …..and boy is it quick! Whatever your experience level you will be taken aback at the power, speed and handling of the Aton Plus Quad aircraft.
  • EXPERT MODE: Full control of the Aton Plus. race, do tricks/stunts ….have a ball. You will be in control with the auto functions kept to a minimum. You will still have the option of auto home and air breaking to use should you wish.
So what are the main features of the Aton Plus Quadcopter?
  • Dual Mode GPS to aid its Return To Home function. The Aton returns home automatically should range be maxing, or battery charge depleted so you will not lose it through those issues unlike other Drones/Quadcopters on the market
  • Air Brakes allow you to pause for a breather, or take the most scintillating picture or video with minimal disruption.

RC Camera Drone/Quadcopter

  • Its speed allows you to keep up with fast moving objects to get the perfect picture
  • High visibility through its eye catching body design and ultra powerful LED’s. You won’t lose track of this Quadcopter in the dark that’s for sure.
  • The Aton Status bar allows you to know what is happening with the craft . For example 4 bright green lights at the beginning allow you to know the system is good to go and start flying.
  • The Dual Axis Gimble gives you pitch and roll stabilization for smooth video footage. Compatible with the GoPro, Hero 3&4 series cameras. (Cameras not included).
  • ID Battery Tech From Traxxas. Compatible with the whole range of EZ Peak Chargers! You only need to plug the battery in and start with this popular charging system, (charger not included). The EZ charge uses 8 amps of charging power, cutting charge times in half.
  • Traxxas Fligh Link App means that you can control your Aton Quad through your smartphone. Control settings, geofence, height etc. Future upgrades will also include FPV and 3-axis gimbal control through Flight Link. A very handy application.
  • Full Application Support through source software components such as  Mission Finder. Mission Finder allows you to track your Aton Quadcopters journey via satellite. There are many more open source software’s you will have access to alongside Mission Finder.
  • You can view virtual missions thanks to Aton’s flight logs being able to be converted and opened in Google earth, creating 3D virtual views of your flight.
  • Its Rugged Design, thanks to strong composite plastics allow you to get years of fun times, even with a bit of rough and tumble!

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  • The Powerful LED Lighting means you can keep track of your Aton Quadcopter, even in dark skies. It really looks spectacular flying in the dark.
  • Aton’s Tuned Props mean a quiet and efficient operation, every time you use it.
  • You also benefit from a fully enclosed and protected battery compartment.

If you are new to flying drones check out the link below to purchase software the really helps enhance your flying skills….with zero damage!! Very affordable and highly recommended if you are new to flying drones/Quadcopters.

RC Quadcopter Simulator

Here is the Aton Plus Quadcopter in action!!