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RealFlight RFX RC Flight Simulator W/Interlink 6CH Controller

Makes you think you are really flying craft from the comfort of your own home!!

  • Build flight experience without damaging yours…OR ANYONE ELSE’S models
  • The weather can’t ruin your fun
  • Detailed simulation with UNIGINE graphics, really does hone your skills effectively
  • Great fun!!
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What About The Interlink X RC Controller?
  • Enjoy instant rewind or reset to replay victories or go over mistakes made to learn for the next time
  • Functions are easy to control and manage through the RC controller unit
  • 10 Channel Capability to allow you to literally control EVERYTHING
  • Built in sliders allow for honing the camera skills of drone pilots

For anyone looking to get into RC plane, drone flying….this will help home your skills before you take to the great outdoors. It will really enhance your confidence and flying safety!!

even if you are experienced as an RC Flyer of drones/quadcopters or planes, this software and controller will help you reach levels of control and ability that live practice wont allow.

You can even control an airship!!! RC Airship


Here are some images of what the software looks like:

Improve your RC Flying skills with no limits to time, weather or course regulations. This will suit:

  • Drone operators who need to take precise pictures
  • Hobbyists who are new and want to practice prior to live flight
  • Experienced flyers looking to hone their skills and improve
  • Racers wanting to practice going faster and beating their opponents

Want to fly RC aircraft in your underpants without getting arrested? Now you can!!