Cheap 3 Channel RC Helicopter

3 Channel RC Helicopter

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Scout CX RTF 3-Channel Helicopter

This little RC Helicopter is an absolute GEM! Under $50 with your members discount, it was designed by experts in helicopter performance to really run smoothly!!

A great model for the beginner to cut their teeth on….also fabulous fun for any experts wanting to focus their skills solely on tricks and racing around!!

The radio system isn’t compatible with JR 2.4GHz or Spektrum 2.4GHz system


How Stable Is It?

The simple answer to this is very. You get a computerized Piezo Gyro to enhance directional control and create amazing stability for the speedy chopper.

There is also the Proportional rotor head servo to make sure that you are gaining a really smooth and precise response from Transmitter to the chopper itself.

Check out the Scout in action:

Where Can I Fly The Scout CX RTF 3-Channel Helicopter?

The best place is indoors, away from too strong a breeze. Large rooms allow you to really open her up, whilst smaller “living rooms” make for excellent obstacle avoidance. Some guys literally race them around their house!!!

Outside you can get a decent response if it is a sunny day with almost zero wind.

To race a big room, like a function hall or large gym are perfect to really get an idea as to the speed and response of this cheap but very effective 3 Channel RC Helicopter.

What about the features/spec for the model?

Everything that is mentioned below is part of the purchase package.

  • Flight Time is approximately 4-5 minutes
  • Rotor type is Coaxial
  • Propeller Diameter 165 mm or 6.5 inches
  • the length of the main rotor blade is 76 mm or 3 inches
  • The main gear ratio is 7.86:1
  • Battery supplied is a LiPo 3.7v 1S 70Mah
  • Flying weight comes in at .6 oz or 17g (So light and quick)

Beginner or experienced, this 3 Channel RC Helicopter is a really precise and stable piece of kit that will allow you to have so much fun, re charge, then go again for hours on end.

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