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Micro RC Helicopter
Issues Withe Battery Powered Helicopters
Mini RC Helicopter Package

Micro RC Helicopter

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A fantastic entry level micro rc helicopter. The 70 S BLADE RTF is really easy to handle and should have you feeling like an ace chopper pilot within half an hour!

More experienced copter RC experts will enjoy the freedom of complexity to enjoy the speed and precision of this brilliant little sky demon!

equipped with SAFE technology and a durable fixed pitch fiber glass design, you get un matched stability as well as a sturdy aircraft.

What about crashes?

Bumps and crashes become a none issue thanks to the incredibly durable composite plastic frame. It is hard to crash anyway thanks to the carbon fiber tail boom being home to a direct drive tail motor. This helps stabilize the craft, while the 1S 150 mAH battery powers the brushed motors to enhance the helicopters ability to fly with minimal wobble.

Thanks to the SAFE TECH this chopper supports you get High & Low rate nodes managing speed and agility so you get a chance to fly without constant crashes.

Mini RC Helicopter Package

Can I Fly Outdoors?

As with all model aircraft it is weather dependent. If it is a nice day with minimal breeze, then why not? Other wise it is a superb RC toy for indoors, large halls and big rooms offering the best spaces to really enjoy yourself, though small rooms can be a hell of a lot of fun.

What If The Battery Is Low?

You have powerful LED lights under the canopy that will flash to signal battery drainage. They are a useful information alert.

Overall Durability:

You get a lot of shielding from scrapes and crashes with the unique form factor that houses the swashplate and linear servo’s. It keeps them low and protected within the durable composite plastic frame.

You can easily remove the top of the craft for maintenance. the fiber less head means more mechanical efficiency and less reliance on a large number of parts that keeps maintenance to a minimum anyway.






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