Mini Wolf RTF RC Heli

Mini RC Heli

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Mini Wolf RTF RC Helicopter

Great starter RC Helicopter. The Mini Wolf RTF RC Helicopter is a very precise and pilot friendly, 4 channel mini copter. Affordable, high quality, RC Chopper fun!

Build up your flying skills, or simply have fun with an incredibly stable….AND AFFORDABLE model chopper. You can fly outdoors if the weather is not too windy. The best fun however is when it is flown indoors. Either in large rooms, or with plenty of obstacles in smaller rooms for the ultimate in thrills and fun.

An incredible 10 ins of flight time thanks to the 420 Mah LiPo battery that comes with this absolute speedster.

So….tell me more.

You also get over 40 meters of range….THAT IS OVER 120 FEET….plenty of distance to let her rip!!

You get the Helicopter ready built and dying to rock n roll. You may want to give th ebattery a charge before flight as we don’t charge them prior to shipping

What About Charging The Mini Wolf RTF RC Helicopter?

Charge time is quick….very quick. We supply you with an A/C Peak LiPoly charger to ensure you get a perfect charge EVERY time!

So what are the main specs/features?

Everything below is included in the package you are buying.

  • The length of the aircraft is 9.6 inches, or 245mm
  • The helicopter’s height is 6 inches, or 155mm
  • The overall weight of the heli is 2.6oz or 73g
  • The diameter of the main rotor is 8.7 inches or 220mm
  • RC Controller 2.4 GHz 4 channel
  • Battery type: 3.7V, 420 Mah, 12C LiPoly
  • Motor spec: An N30 power carbon brush x2
  • The receiver is a 3 in 1 2.4 GHz
  • Over 40 Meters of range
  • You can get a good 10 minutes flight time per full charge
  • An A/cAuto Peak Charger is included in the package

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Strap yourself in for a fun time over and over again. Learn new skills or hone old ones. A very well priced piece of RC Kit



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