Mini Wolf RC Helicopter

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Mini Wolf RTF RC Helicopter SE

This Mini Wolf RC Helicopter is a great entry level RC Chopper for a beginner. It will really help to show the ropes to someone who has just gotten into the wonderful world of Flying RC Helicopters. Most beginners learn to fly this chopper in a matter of minutes. IT IS THAT EASY TO HANDLE. Fantastic example of precision engineering and handling simplicity meeting up in the middle perfectly.

For the more experienced it is a great deal of fun. Easy to perform stunts with and very quick…..less focus is needed on the handling to more attention can be placed on tearing up the sky!!

What Flight Time Can I expect?

The 3.7V,420mAh 12C Li-Poly that comes with the RC Helicopter Model allows for an amazing 10 MINUTES uninterrupted flight time. That is a lot of time for fun to be had.

When the battery runs low you can use the A/C peak lipoly charger, (also included with the package), to charge it back up quickly…….and get back out there!!

Can I Fly The Mini Wolf RTF RC Helicopter SE outside?

This helicopter is best flown in large indoor rooms, like a gymnasium, or function hall. That doesn’t mean that outdoor flying is off the cards, or not an immense amount of fun.

Make sure that it is not to windy, or raining.This is a mini RC Helicopter so will not respond well to blustery, angry weather. If it is a fine sunny day….Let her rip!!!!

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So What Are The Specifics, The Main Features?
  • The main diameter of the rotors is 220 mm or 8.7 inches
  • The helicopter weight is 73 g or 2.6 oz
  • The Helicopter length is 9.6 inches or 245 mm
  • Overall height for the chopper is 6 inches or 155 mm
  • The battery type, included is,  3.7V,420mAh 12C Li-Poly
  • The servo included is a 3.6 g mini servo x2
  • The motor is an impressive N30 Power Carbon Brush x 2
  • Overall Range is an impressive 40 meters…over 125 feet
  • The receiver chip is a 3 in 1 2.4 GHz
  • Radio Control 2.4 GHz 4 Channel
  • Charged with an A/C auto Pack Charger, included with the package