Delta Ray RC Jet

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Delta Ray One RC JET RTF With SAFE Technology

This Delta Ray RC Jet is really fantastic value for money. YOU GET A FURTHER 10% OFF AS A MEMBER FOR FREE !! Built for speed and to let even the most in experienced flyer handle it…this RC Plane really caters for all experience levels and budgets! All for well under $200!

Coming READY TO FLY from the box. You will only need a  quick charge and then…AWAY YOU GO…soaring and breakneck speeds through the sky. Is it  bird? Is it a Superman? NO IT’S A VERY VERY FAST PLANE!

You will pick up how to fly like a pro with this plane in minutes!!. You can then move to more complex settings and take more control of the aircraft as your confidence grows. Long flight times means you avoid having to re charge after a few minutes, with a durable air frame and toughened rubber nose protecting against rough landing as and scrapes and bangs that are part and parcel of flying RC Planes.

So Where can I Fly This Delta Ray RC Jet

Thanks to its handy Micro Size, this jet is easy to take with and fly in sports fields or large open plains. You need some space to appreciate what this RC Micro Jet can really do when you open her up!

A powerful brushless motor system can give you plenty of speed when opened right up….so make sure that the space offers you enough room for very quick spurts of RC Jet Power!

What Are The main Features Of The Delta Ray RC Jet?
  • No assembly required….comes ready to fly from the box after a charge
  • Comes with amazing SAFE tech to make learning to fly  easy
  • 3 flight modes, Beginner, Intermediate & Expert come with the simple flick of a switch
  • You can easily upgrade the Safe Tech to the PLUS level with GPS enabled drone tech, adding auto land, virtual fence and holding pattern features. THIS IS SOLD SEPARATELY THOUGH
  • Despite being very lightweight the body is durable and built to last
  • You get increased prop and motor protection  through folding blades and its unique pusher configuration
  • One of the most powerful brushless systems offers efficient long lasting flights…AND IMMENSE ACCELERATION
  • DSMX 2.4GHz tech Controller and receiver system….Industry leading
  • Due to being well under 250g there is no FAA registration required
  • The system is FPV ready with on screen (OSD) capability when used with the compatible technology , cameras, monitors etc sold separately.
What Do I Get In The Box?
  • Users manual
  • Aircraft
  • MLP6A  6 channel SAFE Controller
  • 7.4v 280 mAH LiPo Battery
  • 4 X AA Alkaline Batteries for the Rc Controller
  • Hook & Loop tape
  • Double Sided tape

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