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RC Douglas Military Plane

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RC Douglas C-47 Skytrain EP. Ready To Fly

This RC Douglas Military Plane is a fantastic example of a top quality RC Model Plane reproduction.

The C47 is steeped in history, being the aircraft of choice for the US Air force to transport thousands of brave Paratroopers into France during WWII. This model is created to look exactly like the original planes our heroes flew in, complete with Invasion Stripes!! Ready to drop their brave crew off and circle round back the the UK for the next brave Paratroopers to join the action!

Some Wing Stats!

A total wingspan of 23 inches really does look impressive in the air. The wing area is 66.5 sq inches or 4.3sq dm. Wing loading is around 5.6oz  sq/ft or 17g sq/dm. Flies, or rather soars like an eagle, the wings offer stability and a great balance to the whole aircraft.

What Comes In The Box?
  • The Fuselage is assembled, with wing and tail assemblies
  • 4 channel radio controller system
  • a receiver ESC with Servo Combo Board
  • Two propellers that need fitting
  • 5 AA batteries for the controller
  • Easy to understand User Manual

Everything you need to get going, apart from the charger, comes in the box and can be set up in minutes.

What Are The Main Features?
  • Foam construction allows  for repair with foam safe CA glue
  • One piece wing with dual servo aileron control
  • Motors are fully brushed equipped
  • The Radio Control System is a TTX403 4 channel SLT mini transmitter with a built in battery charger
  • The RC plane Battery is a 1S 3.7V 250 mAH Lipo 25C with an ultra micro plug
  • The landing gear is an impressive set up. Pre-bent wire with 1″ 25.4 mm diameter foam wheels, 0.75″ or 19 mm foam tail wheel

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Easy to operate, great fun, responsive and a fine tribute to the Paratroopers that fought for freedom throughout Europe and the world!!

A pleasure to fly and watch it’s speed. It is so fast and maneuverable. A delight to control and fly!

Check out the You Tube video below to see the RC Douglas Military Plane  in action:


17" or 432 mm


23" or 584 mm


2.8 – 3.0 oz or 79 – 85g