Super Cub RC Plane

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Super Cub MX Ready To Fly

Hone your RC Piloting skills with the Super Cub MX RC Plane. Not only will those new to the world of RC Planes and flight enjoy their time flying and learning with this amazing aircraft. Experienced flyers will also enjoy the stunts and tricks as well as any flight in closed in areas. Wow is this plane fast!!!

The Cub MX is made from easy to repair EPP Foam, and uses carbon fiber wing struts and strong tail reinforcements to help survive “bumpy” landings.

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What do I get with the Super Cub MX RC Plane?
  • Pre applied attractive trim scheme with everything needed for getting going in the box
  • A standard sized  2.4 GHz RC Transmitter with 4 channels
  • A high tech pre installed airborne electronics system
  • A quick charging USB charger
  • You also get a powerful 1S 3.7V 360 mAH LiPo battery in the plane

You will, however need 4AA batteries for the RC Transmitter. Other than that you will be flying within minutes of your first charge once the plane is out of the box.

The Main Features Of The Super Cub MX RC Plane Are?
  • Durable build allows for bumpy landings and some scraping etc
  • Small light design and build allows for easy transport. Only 500mm wingspan!!
  • With a lightweight , toughened construction and powerful LiPo battery, you can get over 8 minutes of flight time
  • It’s coreless motor with gearbox creates amazing amounts of thrust for speed and stunt flying
  • PASS or Pilot Assist Stability Software, helps the less experienced flyer gain confidence and successful flight time. Choose from Full Assist, Partial Assist or No assist. All levels of flight experience are catered for here!!

Sturdy, tech filled flight enjoyment. A real market leader and with your members discount of 10% …under $100! Amazing value, leaves its competition standing…..LITERALLY. Check out the video below.





19 3/4" or 500 mm


13 15/16" or 355 mm


1.0 oz or 54 g


1S 3.7V 360 mAH LiPo

Radio Controller

4 channel, 2.4 GHz

On Board Electronics

Combination of RX/ESC with integrated 1.3g servos


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