Slick 360 3D RC Aerobatic balsa model from HK

Published: February 1, 2012


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Extra Extra, read all about it, no this is not an Extra 3D but a fabulous slick and an eye candy of a plane, the Slick 360 3D with a 51″ inch wing span, beautiful orange gray and white decals, one hot aerobatic RC model designed for extreme 3D aerobatics, gosh do I want this plane, i just wish it was a 40″ wingspan so i would be able to fit it in my car.

Take a look at the cowl, canopy and wheel pants as they have been finished in a deep gloss paint, don’t you just want to take a bite out of it.

In there own words:

“The H-King Slick 360 performs every inch as good as it looks, natural it makes for a great sport plane but it would be fair to say that hardcore 3D is what the Slick has been designed for. The precision of the airframe, stunning looks, top line quality and amazing feather weight specs make the Slick 360 a must have plane for all aerobatic and 3D pilots!”

Now for those who are looking to purchase the precision aerobatics Extra MX which is priced at around $300 with shipping plus the worlds most unsatisfying customer service, think twice. The Slick 360 3D is priced at $114 from Hobby King, a price you cannot beat although the wingspan is 7″ shy of the MX.

One feature to note on this slick 360 plane is the elevator, which has an airfoil, this is a trait you find in PA planes, even more of a reason to stay away from precision aerobatics.

Here are the specs:

Top quality construction and covering
Ultra light weight but strong airframe
high quality covering
Full airfoil empenage
Excellent color scheme for easy orientation
Stunning 3D capability

Wingspan: 1300mm
Length: 1250mm
Wing Area: 34.2dm2
Dry Weight: 890g (inc all hardware)
Flying Weight: 1300g~1500g (Approx)

Your own 4~6 Channel TX/RX
35mm Brushless Outrunner Motor
40A~60A ESC
4 x Digital High Torque 12g servo
2200mAh~2650mAh 4s Lipoly Battery
50mm Spinner
UBEC (Optional)

Here are some pictures of the Slick 360 3D plane.

Slick 360 3D aerobatic RC plane

Slick 360 3D aerobatic elevator

Slick 360 3D aerobatic cowl

Slick 360 3D aerobatic bottom

Slick 360 3D aerobatic bay


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  • Sridhar
    Author: Sridhar Added February 26, 2012 в 04:29

    Robin Davies / I have just come back to RC gdiling after 35 years away from it!! I have purchased a Parkzone Radian glider with 2.4 sPEKTRUM 5e tx/ AR500 rx & LiPo 1300mAh 11.1V battery but haven’t aatempted to fly it yet. I will of course use an instructor to help me get back the feel of RC flying!!.The RC electrics article really helped me understand the basic electronics set up in an electric glider. Thank you for taking the time to write it for people like me. It is much appreciated. However I am still a bit confused regarding the rx/servo battery theory. I take it I can pretty much buy any matching 11.1 voltage output battery ( as supplied with the glider ) as a spare but does the mAh have to be the same 1300 or can it be more or less to give longer or less flying time.I can see that the weight will also be less on the lower amp hour batteries and more on the higher ones. Can the battery have a higher max current output than the fitted ESC or will that short the ESC? Any further detail on the batteries and their relation to the ESC one can use etc would be very helpful. Also I take it with a 2.4ghz TX I will be able to bind it to several different RXs in the future to be able to fly say 2 or 3 different gliders in a day. Is this in fact the case?I sam trying to get up to speed with understanding the whole new technology since my bungee and hand launch days in South Africa and have to admit I am a bit daunted by all the different equipment!!Robin