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Mini-Air Extra 300 3D Aerobatic RC plane Kit

Published: January 19, 2012 pm31 1:38 pm


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Finally, an affordable mini Extra 300 Kit by NitroPlanes, great for those who have an extra AR6400 from an older crashed model. At $35 its a steal, or a deal if you will. Although i have not seen this model in action, i can safely assume it will fly like the micro version of the SU26 since its from Nitro Planes. This Model comes with a brushed motor, quickly remove it and keep it for another application, a 7 gram brushless motor from hobbyking will hover this mini Extra 300, as i doubt the brushed motor will come close to hovering this mini 3d plane.

Here is a good brushless motor for this plane, click here
Use a 2S lip battery 120mAh Turnigy nano-tech 120mAh 2S 25C Lipo Pack
a 6 Amp ESC will do just fin TURNIGY Plush 6A /.8bec/6g Speed Controller
Nitro Planes claims high quality workmanship and luxurious equipments with a durable pre colored foam fuselage, wings, and tail recommended for intermediate and advanced pilots.


Wing Span :410mm (16.14 in)
Length :384mm (15.12 in)
Weight :38g (1.34 oz)

Package includes:

Extra300 Airplane
8.5 mm Coreless Brushed Motor
Instruction Manual


mini air Extra 300

Sweet RC Airplane Designs

It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process. Max Eastman
So they say if a plane does not look good, then it surely will not fly good. Ok so i made that up but really, who wants to fly hideous looking planes? One company E-flite which offer many great flying aircrafts in my opinion have the most revolting designed and colored planes in the market. Take for example their Extra 260, washed out  yellow and purple coloring, such ugliness ( is that a word? ) , i would not fly this plane if they gave it to me for free, but thats just me.

Below are some awesome designed airplanes from different companies that i absolutely love.

Aeroworks 30cc EDGE 540 ARF

TopModels Racer PETIT CHELEM 0,91m ARF

Hangar 9 Beast ARF RC

Aero Works .46 – .60 ProX260 QB

Pilot-RC 73″ Sbach 342 CF 25% ARF


Great Planes 25% Pitts ARF

Aero Works 35cc Extra 300 ARF-QB

100cc EXTRA 300 ARF-QB

Thunder 3D ARF