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Mini-Air Extra 300 3D Aerobatic RC plane Kit

Published: January 19, 2012 pm31 1:38 pm


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Finally, an affordable mini Extra 300 Kit by NitroPlanes, great for those who have an extra AR6400 from an older crashed model. At $35 its a steal, or a deal if you will. Although i have not seen this model in action, i can safely assume it will fly like the micro version of the SU26 since its from Nitro Planes. This Model comes with a brushed motor, quickly remove it and keep it for another application, a 7 gram brushless motor from hobbyking will hover this mini Extra 300, as i doubt the brushed motor will come close to hovering this mini 3d plane.

Here is a good brushless motor for this plane, click here
Use a 2S lip battery 120mAh Turnigy nano-tech 120mAh 2S 25C Lipo Pack
a 6 Amp ESC will do just fin TURNIGY Plush 6A /.8bec/6g Speed Controller
Nitro Planes claims high quality workmanship and luxurious equipments with a durable pre colored foam fuselage, wings, and tail recommended for intermediate and advanced pilots.


Wing Span :410mm (16.14 in)
Length :384mm (15.12 in)
Weight :38g (1.34 oz)

Package includes:

Extra300 Airplane
8.5 mm Coreless Brushed Motor
Instruction Manual


mini air Extra 300

AirField Mini EPO A1 Skyraider 800 Series by NitroPlanes

Published: August 25, 2011 pm31 7:16 pm


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Finally a mini EPO model Warbird we have all been waiting for. A pretty wicked scale looking Skyraider by Nitro Planes. Those of you who have been following my blog, you are aware that i am not a fan of RC war birds. But this little thing caught my eye so i thought i would write a quick one.

Considering this RC plane is EPO, the painted decals are pretty detailed.  There are 3 versions of this mini rc war bird, RTF, semi RTF ( just a guess ) and just the kit which is what i would purchase so i can put my own quality servos, motor and ESC. The basic kit is around $55.

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider was an American aircraft in the 1940’s and early 1980’s.  It was one of the first piston powered motors, that drove a propeller and got its nickname “Spad” after a French world war one fighter, its  successor the Warthog which was a jet powered aircraft.

Here are some pictures of the actual Douglas A-1 Skyraider

F3 Tornado EDF Jet Sweepback wings F-14 Tomcat style RC Plane

Published: March 11, 2011 pm31 2:12 pm


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64MM 5 Channel 2.4G RTF F3 Tornado EDF Jet w/ Sweepback Wings (Grey)

Here is one sick looking RC EDF Jet fighter from Nitro Planes. Yes the wings actually sweep back once assigned to a channel on your transmitter. Just like the F-14TomCat , gain more speed when the wings fold back and when ready to slow down and land, switch the button back for the wings to fold forward. One amazing and super low priced RC electric ducted fan jet righter.

1. High scaled variable sweepback main wing, the sweepback of the wing can be changeable during the flight, simple structure and high secure reliability.
2. Tail wing is made up of double vertical wing and differential united horizontal wing, the differential horizontal wing can be used for aileron;
3. High scaled appearance with luxuriant and beautiful painting.
4. With EPO foam, incredible intensity, strong and durable enough even in a crash.
5. Configured with a removable landing gear;
6. High scaled combination cabin, with blow moldings seat;
7. Out runner 64mm electronic ducted fan, with strong power.
8. With stable flight performance, easy to control and maintain.
9. With the design of hidden ducted power supply wire, which can reduce the resistance and increase the efficiency;
10. With the high scaled wheels structure for the front landing gear, and with beautiful appearance.

Wingspan:763mm/580mm (30 inches/22.8 inches)
Weight:660g/23.3 oz

R/C System: 2.4GHz Transmitter
Motor:64mm Out runner Brushless Motor (2315)
Battery:11.1V ,1300mAh 20C
Servo:6 9G

64MM 5-Channel 2.4G Ready-to-Fly F3 Tornado EDF Jet w/ Sweepback Wings (Grey)

$159.65 USD

64MM 5-Channel 2.4G Ready-to-Fly F3 Tornado EDF Jet w/ Sweepback Wings (Grey)

Concept X64 Pusher Conversion Ducted Fan EDF RC Jet Nitro Planes

Published: December 1, 2010 am31 1:52 am


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I truly love flying RC jets, i mean as an RC pilot, who doesn’t right? I have pretty much seen and flown every RC jet from the F-14 Tomcat, the MIG 15, the F-18 Super Hornet to the simple and in my opinion the funnest jet, the Funjet by Multiplex. No matter which jet you decide to buy and fly, it ultimately comes down to two factors, the scale look of the jet and/or the speed of the jet. To often i see these wicked looking F-14 ducted fan jets that look absolutely breathtaking from the scale look to the minuscule decals, but lack the speed in which a jet is suppose to perform. Although some RC pilots love to fly these beautiful RC jets in slow motion and enjoy a slow flyby, i on the other hand DONT.

To the point of this article:

The wicked looking Concept X64 by Nitro Planes seems to be the perfect plane from a design perspective.  Impressive aerodynamic look,  which seems to be using the  SN26 Mod style airfoil which is build for speed. This plane design seems to mimic the British  Jets the Red Arrow. The design is very similar and i bet the designer of the Concept X64 had the blue prints of the Red Arrow when designing the jet.

Here they are side by side.

British Red Arrow Concept X64
Red Arrow RC plane Concept x64

Now if you are like me and enjoy that adrenalin rush of a speed jet and are looking to purchase the Concept X64 from Nitro Planes, i suggest loosing the ducted fan and converting this bad boy into a pusher, unless you want to enjoy your slow flybys while gazing into the clear blue skies wondering what you will be having for dinner that very evening. 🙂

All About RC Electric Planes

Flying rc airplanes and helicopters has become a hugely popular pastime in recent years, and more and more people are discovering the hobby on a global scale.

The letters RC stand for radio control, and refer to anything that is controlled by radio signals that are sent out from a transmitter to a receiver.
You’ll often see rc referred to as ‘remote control’ but this is technically incorrect. Radio control is the correct term.

RC airplanes and (especially) rc helicopters have traditionally been expensive to buy, and you had to have a fair amount of model-building knowledge to know how to assemble a kit from plans, not to mention knowing how to install the radio control gear properly and of course the motor.
But all that has changed and, while kits are still available of course, airplanes and helicopters nowadays can be bought as ‘RTF’ models, or Ready To Fly. This basically means what it says; the model is assembled at the factory, the rc gear and motor have been installed and set up and there is nothing for you, the consumer, to do apart from install the radio control gear batteries, do some very basic final assembly work such as attaching the wing to the fuselage, and taking to the skies!

RTF airplanes and helicopters can be powered by either electric or glow plug motors. The latter is often referred to as ‘nitro’ or ‘gas’ because the fuel that a glow plug motor runs on contains nitromethane.
Nitro planes need a few extra accessories than electric ones do, simply because of the motor. Also, nitro planes are much bigger and have a steeper learning curve.

Electric rc airplanes are far more common for people entering the hobby. They are clean, quiet and simple. The very popular ‘Park Flyer’ style electric planes are bringing thousands of new rc pilots into the hobby because of these reasons. Also, they are cheap to buy; a simple 1 or 2 channel RTF model can be bought for well under $100!
Because they are quiet and small, they can be flown in any decent-size open area, hence the name Park Flyer. Public parks, sports fields or empty parking lots can all be used as flying space, provided that flying rc airplanes there is allowed in the first place!

The best type of airplane to buy if you’re first starting out is a high wing trainer type. Airplanes with the wing on top of the fuselage are much more stable than ones with the wing underneath. Another important point to look for is the amount of dihedral the model has. Dihedral is the upward angle of the wings when looking at the model from the front. The more dihedral an airplane has, the more stable it will be in the air, and hence easier to fly.

The majority of electric RTF rc airplanes are high wing, and are designed for beginners into the hobby.

The same rule applies to nitro airplanes. High wing trainers with plenty of dihedral always make good beginner planes.
The big difference between nitro and electric airplanes is where you can fly them. Electric ones can be flown in public places, but nitro planes can really only be flown at a model flying club, or on private land with the owners permission.
This is simply because they are bigger, noisier and faster than their electric cousins.

Also, this makes nitro airplanes harder to learn on because there is more to think about. So if you want to get into the hobby of radio control flying, and want to jump in at the deep end with a nitro model, seeking out your local model flying club is the best thing that you can do as a first step toward your new pastime.

The above information goes for rc helicopters too. In fact, electric rc helicopters have really changed the hobby, because they have become so much cheaper to buy than they ever have been, and many nowadays are designed for the complete beginner.

Even if you’ve never held a rc helicopter before, you can very quickly be mastering the controls of an electric model heli without too much trouble.

Some even come with their own flight simulation software – just load it onto your home computer and practice first, without running the risk of crashing your model!

There are literally hundreds of models to choose from these days (airplanes and helicopters), but always be sure of what you’re buying first. Check out reviews if you can find some, and be happy that the model is suitable for a beginner.
If you have a flying club nearby, get yourself along to that and chat to fellow modelers.