Terms & Conditions

Please take your time to read through the terms for using this site. Each section is relevant to a service provided by this site. You can scroll down to read a specific section of terms and conditions, all clearly headed.

To make a site run smoothly for the majority of users we must protect everyone and make sure that the experience here for all users is a safe one.

  • All store payments for Sky High Hobby are protected and we use the PayPal payment facility.
  • Anyone trying to sell links through their posts will be removed and banned. Their content also removed.
  • All external hyperlinks are no followed.
  • All posts/articles/comments supplied by members to this site are the opinions and beliefs of individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of this site. We do our best to moderate the site and welcome any feedback should something inappropriate be placed on it. You can let us know through our email address. info@skyhighhobby.com
  • Products sold in the classified section are sold by third parties to the site and are not controlled by us. We do not take responsibility for the quality of the products or services sold or their reliability. These should be checked out or investigated by the buyers themselves as they would buying any items online. If you find people who are cheating or behaving in a way that is disingenuous them by all means leave comments on their posting page and inform us through our email.
  • All content posted to us is ours to use and share as we see fit once it is posted. it should also remain unique to our site and not be copied and placed on other websites. All videos posted are placed in the knowledge we have absolute right to share them through our social pages and video channel. All content, images and logos are protected under copyright laws.
  • Anyone using images, video or content posted on this site as a resource for their own articles or posts on other sites should make sure we are linked to as the source for that material.
  • All members accept we will store their email data in accordance with our privacy policy We will send out regular news mails and promotional items associated with the site within those news mails. You are able to unsubscribe as you can with any mail service. we will not end out mails shots for third parties.
  • Anyone using our site for illegal or illicit actions will be banned and their details passed on to the relevant legal authorities.
  • All links to 3rd party websites are to sites that are not covered by our terms and conditions and will be followed by the users under their own responsibility. we are not responsible for the sites that are linked to and what they display or their opinions. If you find that we are linking to sites that are inappropriate due to a mistake, please email us and let us know and if so we will remove the link.

Membership & Removal:

  • We will not refund membership payments. Only if it can be proven we have mislead you or you have not gotten the benefits promised through Premium Membership.
  • If you lose membership as a Premium Member you will be responsible for cancelling the payments to us through PayPal.
  • You are responsible for cancelling your Premium Membership subscription through PayPal. We are not able to do this for you. Once you start your Premium Membership payments they will carry on until they are stopped by you.
  • Once cancelled your listings will become inactive, though they will remain on Google, indexed as part of the site, unless you are using the Hobby Friend section where your post will be removed from the site for data protection reasons.
  • Anyone trying to spam classifieds or comments sections will be removed from the site and their membership terminated.
  • Abusive or harassing messaging through the classifieds section will also result in membership being removed.
  • Whilst we are happy for honest reviews, any posts judged to be maliciously attacking another person or company will be removed and that member have their membership revoked. This goes for the comments section as well.
  • We do not offer banning periods. you are either a member and behave as such or you are removed. we do not have the admin support to run ban periods.

Posting Content:

  • Any posts that are maliciously attacking another person or company in an unfounded manner will be removed
  • Any posts linking to illicit site will have the links removed…continuous linking to such sites will result in a banning for the member responsible.
  • All posts should be unique and not copied from elsewhere on the web. Copied posts will be removed. Continual addition, by a member, of copied material will result in a banning.
  • Any self promotion for groups, companies, products should be posted in the classifieds section. we will remove overtly promoting material from the articles sections and ban repeat offenders.
  • All claims need to be backed up by evidence. Posts making wild claims without it will be removed and repeat offenders providing such articles removed.
  • We are not responsible for the opinion of our members and their post content will be a reflection of their views, opinions, experience and knowledge. We do ask that all claims made do so with the correct sources and proof. If this isn’t displayed within a post we reserve the right to remove it.

The Classifieds:

  • Any illicit or inappropriate listings will be removed and could result in a banning for that member.
  • we are not responsible for the third parties who are selling products or services. We advise visitors only use protected payment methods like PayPal and inform us if someone is trying to cheat or sell items that are not as described. we will then investigate.
  • you must not use the messaging service to spam or harass members. If it is reported you are doing this you will be removed and banned
  • You must not send or request inappropriate images. If it is reported you are you will be removed and banned.
  • Anyone trying to use links without being a premium member will be removed and banned.
  • All content must be unique and original and not copied from other sites/listings
  • Hobby Friend listings will be removed from the site once their are terminated or membership ended to protect the persons data. They are not indexed on Google or other search engines.


  • All payments are protected with PayPal and we have a full SSL certificate to protect our payment gateways.
  • All products sold will be protected by the consumer laws of the country we are shipping to.
  • In the event that a product is out of stock we will inform the client and they can choose between waiting for re stocking or a refund through PayPal.
  • We add as much information as possible to our listings. Please make sure any questions you want to ask are not answered on the listing page. We get very busy and we don’t want people to have to wait for answers that already exist on the products page.
  • All members will automatically receive 10% discounts on items they buy from either our merchandise section or our R/C vehicle sections once signed up to the site.
  • In the event a product is not delivered and it is our fault we will offer a refund or option to buy again. We track our orders. If they are signed for at the address given for delivery then we will not offer a refund for the product.
  • If a product is broken in transit or doesn’t work then you will be covered by your countries trade protection laws. We will cover the return cost of the product and if we see it was not damaged by the customer, refund you for it or re send a new model/product. If it is clear it was damaged by the customer we will not refund or cover the cost of sending it back to us. The customer is welcome to email us photos/video of any issues prior to sending it back to clarify they are going to gain a refund.

Sky High Hobby reserves the right to terminate membership at any point should it be deemed necessary due to a breach in the above rules, or because of behaviour which brings the site/brand into disrepute.