It seems like ICON Aircraft which is known to be the wave of the future, and i mean wave literlly, is taking the RC industry in a hurry. As Horizon Hobby has partnered with ICON to introduce a line of radio control models of the ICON A5. ParkZone brand is taking credit for this launch which will be sometime this year im assuming, and pre orders over at horizon hobby… Continue reading

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Every time i hear the 3 letter acronym EPO, i get giddy, ya ya im a class A conventional dork with a reason. EPO is by far the most forgiving foam, even if you crash your EPO molded foam plane, instead of breaking in pieces, the foam simple deforms loosing its original shape, so simple dip the foam in boiling water ( few seconds will do ) and walla, your flat nose airplane is back to its origneal shape.

Here is a new Solo 1500 V-Tail EPO glide by hobby king. A clone of the famous easy star by multiplex without the hefty price tag. Motor is mounted on the top of the wing, making it easy to fly and land without braking the prop. Great little glider for begeners or experts looking to perhaps stick a mega 4 turn motor on a 4S lipo and zoom the skies above.

Solo 1500 V-Tail EPO easy star look alike glide

Solo 1500 V-Tail EPO easy star clone glide

Solo 1500 T Tail EPO easy star clone glide

Length: 930mm
Wingspan: 1500mm
Flying Weight: 715g
Motor: 2604 1950kv brushless outrunner
ESC: 20A brushless
Battery: 11.1V 1300mAh Lipoly (required)

4ch TX/RX (V-tail mixing capable)
11.1V 1300mAh Lipoly Continue reading

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