The Hawker Tempest was a British fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force in WW2. The Hawker Tempest Mk V was an improved version of the Hawker Typhoon which was one of the most powerful fighter aircraft in WWII.
Personally, i am not a fan of war bids, i do love the history behind them, but when it comes to RC war birds, not a fan. I have flown the P-47D Thunderbolt by parkzone, the P51D Mustang, the F4U Corsair and the T-28 Trojan which flies the best out of all the warbirds i have flown. But generally speaking, all RC war birds fly unstable, nose heavy so landings can be a challenge and over all in my opinion, i rather have a warbird as a desk model. Having said that, here are some pictures of the ever so famous Hawker Tempest Mk V and some other warbids.

p-51 mustang

Hawker Tempest Mk V RC Plane parkzone

Hawker Tempest Mk V

Hawker Typhoon

P51D Mustang

F4U Corsair

T-28 Trojan

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