parkzone extra-300-450
Only reason im writhing this short article about the new ParkZone Extra 300 is because of a few factors that grabbed my attention.
Im a sucker for smaller model rc airplanes, so the size of this new Extra 300 is just perfect for me, with a wingspan of 40″, overall Length: 36.8″, its perfect for storing in the hanger and fits snug in the trunk of cars.

This model is also a first when it comes to construction, as noted, the entire plane is made of foam, which i love because we all know how difficult and time consuming it is to glue and rebuild balsa planes after a crash.

One last thing to note, this model has a horizontal stabilizer that features an air foil rather then a flat surface. Now how well this ParkZone Extra 300 performs in the air is another question, but with the nifty options mentioned above, this should be a great model for advanced pilots looking for aerobatic maneuvers.

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